General Information

General Information, Dates and Times

Colour Keys for Fixture listings

All matches are shown in date order with
Men’s matches on the left in BLUE,
Ladies matches on the right in RED,
Mixed matches / Competitions in the centre in GREEN (or BLACK - by invitation only) and
private hire of the green and facilities (or outside competitions of special interest) show in PINK

Dress code

Greys should be worn for casual play and club drives. Club colours and whites should be worn for club representative matches and competitions.

Monday Aggregate

Discs down by 14:00. play starts at 14:15. Note: on Monday Bank Holidays or match days, aggregate will be held on the Tuesday.

Thursday Aggregate

Discs down by 09:45, play starts at 10:00.

Friday Night Triples

Played over 14 ends. Teams named after counties. Takeaway orders leave on the bar. Refer to your teams sheets for matches and times. Casual attirie is allowed on these nights.


Drives can be held on any weekend when there is enough free rink space - discs down by 14:15. play starts at 14:30.

Casual Play

Roll-ups/practice session etc. can be played whenever there is available rink space but do not take precedence over organized games/matches/drives etc.
Please use the correct colours when on the rink.

Green Maintenance

GREEN CLOSED on Mondays until 14:00 ( or Tuesday mornings following a Bank Holiday). Also Open at 11:00 on Wednesday and Friday.

Green Sessions

10:00 (except Green maintenance days see above)

Before play each morning, if there is dew on the grass, the Green MUST be swept (across the Green NOT up and down the rinks, please)

Any queries on the use of the Green, please speak to Bob Daintree or Peter Pickett

Download a members hand book full of details about the club and playing bowls.