Club Security

New security measures for
Entering and leaving the club house

Entry in and out of the club is only via the single door by the changing rooms -
not the double doors in the main hall

  • A new security keypad has been fitted in the corridor opposite the notice boards.
  • It has a 30 second time  delay as on the old keypad.
  • The keys presently being used will open the single door - the locks have been changed over.
  • The double doors are secured by a key and additional bolts will be fixed shortly.
  • The keys for these doors are in the key safe in the cleaner's cupboard.
  • Please ensure the double doors are locked
  • The main key for entering and leaving the club house is still in the key cabinet in the visitor's changing room it will only  work on the single door
  • Please familiarise yourself with the location of the new keypad
  • The code for deactivating and resetting the alarm system remains unchanged.
  • The alarm system must be set
  • Every time
  • The club house is vacated.