Catering at the club


It is essential that if you swap dates, the master copy in the kitchen MUST be altered, so that the Captain of the day knows whom to expect.

  • The person highlighted in the ‘Caterers’ column is deemed to be the ‘Co-ordinator’.
    Meal = ‘ Salad with bread or boiled potatoes. Plus a Pudding’ Or “Hot food. Plus a Pudding’ (Co-ordinators choice)
  • Tea towels - are to be taken home, washed & returned ASAP.
  • Food allowance for Meal = 2.50 per person (see note below)
    Sandwiches & cakes = 2.50 per person
    Cakes & Biscuits = 1.00 per person
    Tea & Biscuits = No allowance, biscuits will be provided from club stocks

    If desert taken from store deduct 75p per person from allowance.
    4 rinks = 32 people = 80 allowance,  Desert provided leaves 56  for other food.
    All receipts are to be handed to Captain on the day of the match & they will reimburse you.

  • Food available from store via Kathy Bradshaw.
    Apple pies,  Lemon meringue, Cheesecakes, Fruit torte, Tinned fruit, Ice cream, Butter packs & Flora.
  • Food available in Kitchen cupboard
     Beetroot, Onions, Pickle, Mayonnaise, Salad cream.
  • There are guidelines available on the notice board in kitchen if you wish to refer to them.
  • Please do your best to work within your budget, if you have a problem contact Kathy.

The Catering Rota is available at the start of the season.
Copies will be in the club house.