Spitfire League

New New Club mobile phone number is
07311 484922
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2021/2022 Spitfire League matches

We are in the Finals winning our Group!!

  • Please put your name down to play in the Spitfire League matches at Donyngs which are on:

    Wednesday 3rd November 2021 at 4.00pm against Redhill.
    Wednesday 17th November 2021 at 2.00pm against Banstead Rainbow.
    Wednesday 26th January 2022 at 2.00pm against Redhill.
    Wednesday 9th February 2022 at 4.00pm against Banstead Rainbow.
    Wednesday 16th March at 4.30pm against Godstone.
  • Semi-finals and Finals will be on the 6th April 2022

  • 3 rinks, Dress code Team Shirt & Greys.

Or alternatively please contact Dave Candeland

The rules for the Spitfire League are available to download
Click the link for a pdf file download.