New WhatsApp Group

New Club mobile phone number is
07311 484922
leave a message.

A new WhatsApp group has been created so that Club Members can exchange information quickly with any request related to the matches played in the club.

The Group is called “PBBC Members Contact”.

To use it you will need to have/put the WhatsApp on your mobile phone.
In the Group you can select the 3 dots on the top right and mute the notifications this then silences the notifications for you but you can still see the messages.

It is for information only
Is is not for jokes, politics, sports comments etc.

It is to be used to quickly get a reply for example when

  • Confirming your selection for a match
  • You need a marker for a club comp or an outside match
  • You have to withdraw from a match and need a replacement
  • You need to change an FNL match selection
  • You cannot do your Bar duty and need to exchange.