Aussie Pairs

Australian Pairs Competition for
the DEVFRIS Trophy / Kookaburra Cup

This is a very engaging and enjoyable competition that allows players. Who in general would not consider playing as the SKIP in a team, to experience this position and for the less experienced SKIPs, it can help to hone their knowledge skills and confidence of this important position within a team by their learning to read the “head” more effectively.
Following trial ends, the First end of the match the LEAD bowler delivers TWO of their FOUR woods. This is then followed by the SKIP delivering all FOUR of their woods. Then the LEAD delivers their remaining TWO woods to complete the “end”.
On the Second end the order of play is reversed, the SKIP now LEADs and plays TWO of their FOUR woods, the LEAD player now having moved to be SKIP delivers their FOUR woods and finally the SKIP who is playing as LEAD on this end bowls their remaining TWO woods. The format of reversing the playing positions is then continued throughout the remaining ends of the game.

This is an OPEN/MIXED Non-Handicap Cup competition that will be played over SIXTEEN (16) ends during the months of AUGUST/SEPTEMBER ideally to make use of the green during the lull in matches.