Winter jobs list

Working Parties

During the Winter/Summer season we have many jobs that need to be undertaken.
The work is usually done on Mondays by a working group formed from the members.
Take a look at the jobs and see if there is something there you could do.

Call either Bob or Joe and let them know and we can organise it.
All the materials will be supplied.

Jobs To do



Tea and cakes

Any time


Adjust Outside clock for Summer time



Clean clubhouse Windows



Clean the decking roof panels



Replace club house fire door near Bar



Install retaining hook for firedoor when open



Swop the broken planks with others from the edges



Clean the decking floor



Stick the Ditch backing mat on where is is loose



Weed and tidy club house flower beds



Repair and clean Wooden plater barrels



Weed and tidy flower barrels



Create flags to match stickers for scoreboards



Move chairs back to Hall from Changing rooms



Remove from the loft space items no longer required



Tidy loft space



Repair leaking water butts by equipment shed.



Tidy Old garage workshop and dispose of unwanted items



Spray weedkiller around rear of clubhouse



Spray weedkiller around around paths



Sort books by category (remove old unsellable ones)



Cut back ivy and vine from hedges



Paint bar store door



Swish green to remove worm casts etc.


All on rota

Ensure Bin is moved out on Mondays



Bag up the green debris removed into the bin for removal through the winter



Clean out ditch around the green



Get benches in to place benches

Late April


Run water and check clubhouse



Jet wash mats used for bowling and sanitised which are now sticky



Amend the heating clock for summer period


Paul Harland

Move clubhouse cloth blue coloured chairs back from changing room



Move plastic chairs into clubhouse



Replace ditch mats



Cut the grass around the edge of the green



Arrange summer grass cutting rota



Fire extinguisher visit.


Dave Candeland

Arrange for Rainmaker visit



Cut back hedge around water tanks.



Update security on Bar store door



Clean and disinfect the kitchen fridge



Clean and disinfect the Bar cooler cabinets