Short Mat

The 2019-2020 Short Mat Season

 The Short Mat season starts on October 1st.
Play for the Don Howes Aggregate Trophy will take place on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday afternoons at 2.00pm and Friday mornings at 10.00am.

The charge will be at 1.50 per session

As usual the player with the best ten scores at the end of the season will win.

A "Short Mat Bookings" file is available in the Clubhouse for players to enter their names on the day of their choice. You should only enter your name on TWO of the days available in a week.

Should you wish to play on more than two days you may enter your name as a "Reserve" on the day of your choice and if there are fewer than the 16 names "above the line" then players on the "Reserve" list may play. However, your score when playing as a reserve will not be count towards the Aggregate.