Feb 9th vs Banstead

New New Club mobile phone number is
07311 484922
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Spitfire League
Purley Bury BC
Banstead Rainbow
Wednesday 9th Feb 2022
Played at Donyngs IBC

Dress; Team Shirts / Greys.

Cost 3.00 this is for the match fee (no sandwiches now provided for the rest of the season), players are requested to leave promptly after the game ends

Reserves: Alan Bradshaw, Ann Brown, Ken Breeds, Geoff Bell.

Rink 1

Rink 2

Rink 3

Carol Searle

Richard Greenfield

Sean Dempsey

Geraldine Tucker

Carole Gray

Doreen Taylor

Colin Gray

Paul Harland

Ian Frisby

Joe Cable

Allen Kellaway

Graeme Cupit