15th Jan vs Sutton

New New Club mobile phone number is
07311 484922
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Purley Bury BC
Sutton Indoor Bowling Club
Saturday 15th January 2022
Dress; Team Shirts / Greys
Cost: 11.00 for players and 8.50 for non-playing visitors.
Reserves: None.

Please note:
I need to know if there are any visitors that will be dining.

Covid Rules at Sutton IBC
On entry to the club, you must have your temperature taken which is located by the front door. I will supply them with a copy of our team list so no need to fill in the book with all your details.
Masks must be worn when walking around the club, especially in the changing rooms, but can be removed when drinking / eating and on the green.

Anyone wanting a lift to the venue, please let me know.

David Candeland

0794 1349118 or email

Rink 1

Rink 2

Rink 3

Ken Harwood

Sonia Harwood

Richard Greenfield

Chris Crawley

Thomas Goucher

Geraldine Tucker

Tony Goucher

Sean Dempsey

Geoff Bell

Alan Bradshaw

Graeme Cupit

David Candeland


Rink 4

Rink 5

Rink 6

Yves Toussaint

Margaret Gordon

Carol Searle

Mavis Haeger

Brian Haeger

Gemma Stone

Sheila Cable

Ann Brown

Chris Devitt

Allen Kellaway

Robin Gordon

Ian Frisby