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A request from Bob Daintree Club Secretary

The husband of my niece is raising money for the
Charity Alzheimer’s Society

Here is Colin’s story

Hi, thanks for reading this. 

In 2019, I’m running the London Marathon in April, swimming the Henley  Mile four times in a morning in July and riding the Prudential Ride 100 in August to raise funds for Alzheimer’s Society. In total I will cover over 130 miles.

As founding partners in the UK Dementia Research Institute, Alzheimer’s Society are funding crucial research into the cause, prevention, treatment and care of Alzheimer’s and other demenitas 850,000 people live in the UK with a dementia today and that number is on the rise. 1 in 4 of us will have direct experience.

I have worked with people with dementia for 20 years and felt the pain and  frustration families go through every day caring for someone struggling  to live as well as possible as a disease difficult to understand and rarely treatable takes hold.

I’m doing my part to ensure my children don’t have the same experience. I thank you for doing the same.

Thank you.




Please make a donation here to his appeal.

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