Winter maintenance

Purley Bury Job List (2017- 2018)

Project work is undertaken by a small number of club members during the closed season as well as routine maintenance work.

It has been a tradition that working parties are requested before the start of the season to clean and renovate/repair the facilities before bowling starts.

It is suggested that perhaps we form a least one Monday working party a month over the closed season. In addition the below is a list of Jobs that need undertaking.
If any member wishes to undertake a particular job or form a small working party other than the Mondays then please make yourself known.

The more jobs undertaken by ourselves and the greater number of volunteers the less it costs in membership fees.

+All materials and tools can be provided together with instruction should that be required.

Job List (updated 11th Dec 2017):

    • Battens to toilet exit door frames. (Security)
    • Empty Brown shed to garage.
    • Disconnect electrical supply to shed.
    • Dismantle lean to outside storage
    • Dismantle shed and move.
    • Install canvas canopy between Bar store and brown shed.
    • Treat and paint two planters (Inside face) to left of main double doors.
    • Clean and treat decking
    • Decant all benches and position around green.
    • Re-fix coat hangers along promenade.
    • Repaint outside of visitors changing rooms. (Remove concrete spots)

If you could volunteer to take on a job please contact 
Alan Bradshaw, Maintenance Manager at
email: or text /phone 07935 984605