Cable-Harbord Competition.
Competition to be played during August - September as a two wood PAIRS with a total handicap of minus 12 or less.
Designed to pair less experienced players with ”higher handicapped” players.
Please enter each pairing or individual names needing a partner on the entry sheet.
The more names the better the competition.
Cost per Entry:   2.00 per person.

TWO WOOD Open Pairs

The two players Total Combined Handicap of -12 or less.
Highest Handicap must skip throughout.

In 2022 there will be x Leagues of y teams

Winners of each League go through to the finals.

Played in sets – Each set being of 7 Ends played to completion,

After tossing a coin for the mat, whoever takes the mat on first end of first set, will go second in the second set. Toss for mat on the third set. (If played). Games will consist of a maximum of three sets of 7 ends.
Trial ends will be played.
Two winning sets required for overall Win.
An extra end will be played should any set be tied at 7 ends to decide set winner.
No-ends, WILL NOT be replayed, with one shot being awarded to the opposition.

If there is a points’ tie within a group it will then be down to shot difference & then ends won.

If a team wins two straight consecutive sets then third set should not be played.

  • 3 points for a win and 2 points each set,
    7 points at stake.
  • Substitutions -
    Are not allowed automatically but are at the sole discretion of the organisers, and only when conforming to the total combined handicap allocation.

Concessions -
No points awarded to the conceding
team (7 points to the winners). Any team that concedes for a second time will be eliminated from the competition and any existing results/points will be voided.



Organisers – Ian Frisby, Bob Daintree