2020 AGM

The AGM of the Purley Bury Bowling Club will be held on Sunday 29th November 2020 at 11:00 am (Due to COVID Guidance)

The meeting will be held as a Zoom meeting with joining codes sent via email.

Documents for the day will be available by using the links below.

2020 AGM Agenda

2020 Committee reports

Proposed amendments to Club rules

AGM Minutes from 2019

Audited Accounts for 2020



Due to the current COVID-19 Guidelines the AGM will be a simple meeting with previously circulated documents and held using Zoom.
Prior to the meeting on the 29th November an email will be sent to all those with an email address. Paper copies of AGM documents will be sent to those without an email and to anyone requesting a printed copy.

All email users will be encouraged to print their own copies.

At the 29th November meeting (which will be muted for all participants other than the committee) the following will be addressed.

Acceptance of previous minutes,
Acceptance of reports previously circulated,
Any Voting results,
Confirmation of Committe and Officers
Questions from members submitted previously being answered,
AOB (no voting to be taken).


31st October

Closing date for all Nominations and AGM motions

8th November

All and any updated content to be made available on the club website and links via emails. Letters sent out to members containing the content.

Including any voting slips.

20th November

Closing date for all returns and any questions

29th November 11:00am

Zoom meeting. Muted.
Answering any previously submitted questions.
Providing voting results.