Shephard Neame

A tour of the Shephard Neame Brewery in Faversham.

Attended by 8 interested members.

Thanks to our driver D. Popejoy we had an excellent day.

A most interesting time had by all.

The Rollup after we got back was interesting as well!!!

00 the visitors centre

00 Video room

01 The Malting Furnace Outside

01 The Malting Furnace Inside

02 Glass window shows the brands of beer

02 Glass window shows the making of beer

02 Stain Glass windows

03 Doing the Tun

03 Inside the Brew house

04 Inside brewhouse

05 The Vats

06 The Catherdral

07 The Steam House

07 The Well

08 Original Steam Engine

09 Steam engine

09 Steam power

10 The Group paying attention

11 There is a lot of Beer

12 Glass samples

12 The Entertainment

12 The tasting celebration

13 The winner at 6 percent

13 Various alternatives

14 Happy Days

16 Somethings the Huns don't have!

Who do we know can move slower that this