1. The league is to consist of eight teams.
  2. Teams will play 15 games.
  3. Matches are to be 14 ends per game, with one shot on the first two ends played under Bowls England rules.
  4. Matches are to be played on 15 set dates during the season starting at 6.00pm (5pm in September), with a fee of 2.00 per player for the whole season.
  5. All club members will be drawn from the handicap list starting with the highest down to the lowest handicaps (this should give each team approximately 11 players).
  6. Team leaders will be volunteers.
  7. Each match, teams players total handicaps are to be used for plus or minus shots difference,
    1-3 (1shot),
    4-6 (2 shots).
    7-9 (3 shots),
    10-12 (4 shots) etc,
    e.g. if one teams handicap adds up to 21 and their opponents adds up to 8, the difference is 13, the lesser handicapped team will start the match with 5 shots
    on the board.
  8. 3 points for a win and 1 point for a draw, after seven & fourteen games bonus points will be added (one bonus point for every different player used in the first seven games, one bonus point for every different player used in the last seven games).
  9. League tables will be displayed after 3, 7, 11, & 14 games played. As all teams will be playing at the same time, if for any reason matches are cancelled on any set date they will be null & void.
  10. If matches are abandoned during a game, nine or more ends will constitute a full game, a minimum of seven ends will constitute half a game, thus the points will be halved, games less than seven ends will be void.
  11. If a full team has not arrived by 30 minutes after the start time the opposing team will be awarded the points plus five shots, providing all that teams players are still present 30 minutes after the scheduled start.
  12. No ends are to be replayed with no penalty.
  13. Any disputes, the organisers will have the final say.