Surrey Badge Qualification

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The following is a list of criteria of how a player (Male or Female) may gain their County Badge.

Please note the number of entries for a competition, may require the number of rounds for badge qualification to be adjusted. Under no circumstances will a player gain their badge before reaching the Quarter final stage. Badge can only be won in year of entry.

Open Singles, Unbadged Singles, Two Wood, Pairs, Triples, Fours.

Player must win a minimum of six games and reach the County Quarter final or Semi Final, or Final depending on number of rounds won.

Senior Fours, Champion of Champions, Officers Bowl / Cup.

Player must win a minimum of six games and reach the County Final, if not enough rounds available, player must win the Final.

3rd Place Playoff

Player must win a minimum of six games before the “Playoff” round, failure to do so, will mean that player will attend the National Championships without a badge, they will have to reach the National Championship Final to gain their badge.

National Competitions.

Player must win a minimum of 6 games and reach the National Final. Scorecards duly signed by opposition, must be made available when claiming the County Badge.

Middleton Cup and Johns Trophy.

Player must play five times in a three-year period to gain their Badge. (Still under discussion)

Flashes are awarded after playing in five games to all players.

Balcombe Trophy, Walker Cup and Home Counties League.

Flashes are awarded to players after playing 3 times for Balcombe Trophy or Walker Cup.

Flashes are awarded to players after playing 7 times in the Home Counties League.

Badged players from other Counties.

If a player comes to Surrey from another County and is badged, unless they have played as an International in the previous five years, they will have to qualify using the criteria stated previously in this document.

Junior County Badge

This is awarded to a player who has represented the County three times in any of the following – Home Counties – White Rose – Amy Rose.

Competitions that do not qualify for the County Badge.

Benevolent Triples, Palm Trophy, Sutton Winson, County Mixed Pairs & Fours.