Rules for use of the Green

New New Club mobile phone number is
07311 484922
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The limited opening of the Green

Only the Booked session will be allowed. The whiteboard on the side of the club house will show bookings. See the club website for details of how to request a session. Only available times will display when requesting a session.

The clubhouse will remain closed.

The key to the clubhouse from the outside changing room will be relocated to ensure compliance with this.
Ensure you visit your own facilities (know what I mean) before visiting the club as the toilets here will be
CLOSED due to the sanitising and security  issues involved. The Guidance on the use of the Green is on the Equipment Shed door and here on the web site. Please ensure you follow it.
If you need your bowling gear then send an email to and provide the details e.g. locker number, description of the bowls bag etc.
Members were asked to put their names on their bags in the changing room so it should be easy to identify.

Below are the rules in place for the use of the Green during the COVID-19 crisis.

The use of the booking system will generate a REQUEST for a booking. Confirmation will be returned via Email.

A printable copy is available here.


New Updated Rules

Now that there has been some further easing of the lockdown rules and Government guidance, we are in a position to offer further limited access to the green. 

See the Government Guidance here using the link.

Players may play in mufti but must wear bowling shoes. Which they can change into by making use of the outside benches.

Three rinks on the green will be available each way and these rinks can only be booked by phoning the Secretary or Club Captain or by online request using the following link   at least a day before playing, booking details at the bottom. Online requests will receive either a confirmation of the booking or an alternative time and date.

Please note: that each member can only book one session at a time, there will be no block bookings of rinks other than for coaching.

Players that need to retrieve their bowls from the clubhouse must make arrangements with the Secretary or Club Captain to obtain their bowling equipment. Members are not allowed to enter the clubhouse premises which remain closed at this stage.

You will be required to take you bowls home with you after each session, there will be no storage for your personal bowls bag once it has been removed from the clubhouse.

Play will take place on the rinks numbered 1, 3 and 5 in the morning and play will take place on rinks numbered 2, 4 and 6 in the afternoon.

There is a white board on the clubhouse wall which will be kept up to date showing rinks allocated for use. A calendar is also accessible from the club website located in the current month (updates may be slightly behind).

The rink markers will be moved along the green at intervals using a different colour to provide some evenness in wear.

A maximum of upto 4 members (using the appropriate distancing) are allowed on any one rink at a time (for pairs that will result in two players at each end). A time slot of 1.5 hours is allowed for playing your game.  Slots run from 10 am with the last session starting at 6:00pm.  At the end of each session there will be a 30-minute changeover period. The sessions will run as follows for each rink:

Session  1 10 am to 11:30 am

  • Session  2 12:00 pm to 1:30 pm
  • Session  3 2:00 pm to 3:30 pm
  • Session  4 4:00 pm to 5:30 pm
  • Session  5 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm
  • Please note that there will not be a session on Wednesday mornings between 10 and 12. This is to allow the greenkeeper to do work on the green.

Hand sanitising liquid, surface/disinfectant spray and kitchen/paper towels will be available in the equipment shed and these should be used to clean

  • the used jacks at the end of play (you can place them in the white tray and spray the whole jack)
  • the used mats at the end of play (spray front and back handling areas)
  • Any surfaces touched (e.g. key pad (do not spray), door handle)
  • Each player should take a jack of a different colour.  Each player should take a mat of a different colour to their opponent.

The disinfectant spray, kitchen/paper towels in the equipment shed should be used to clean the mats and jacks before being returned them to the equipment shed. If these have been exhausted please inform a member of the committee.

 Use only paper scorecards only one person per rink should keep these.

Remember to adhere to the two-metre rule unless the person you are playing with lives with you, which means standing well away from one another using the bank and space on unused rinks. 

At the change of ends walk on opposite sides of the rink.

Do not handle the other players bowls.

Each player should use the jack that they picked up at the start of the play if they have won the end.

Do not use the pushers/scoreboards

At the end of the session only handle your own bowls.  If weather permits sit on benches away from other players to change shoes and then take your bowls home.

The club house will not be open as the space inside is too confined to allow for reasonable social distancing and also due to the difficulty of managing the security alarm system.  If the weather is poor use the main clubhouse decking to change shoes where you will be able to keep proper distance from one another.

There will be a maximum of 4 members on a rink at any one time.

Government guidance is that - “You can spend time outdoors, including private gardens and other outdoor spaces, in groups of up to six people from different households, following social distancing guidelines. “

If you have a mobile phone then carry it with you and keep it handy in case of emergency or if you need to talk to a committee member.

Bring your own drinks to the club, bottled water, cans, thermos flask etc as the club house catering facilities are closed.

Whenever you leave close the equipment shed door. If you are on the last session of the day or it seems obvious that no one is, use the disinfectant spray and the towels to clean the equipment store lock and the door handle as you leave.

Wipe the key pad, the gate handles have been secured in the open position so there should be no need to touch them. Use your foot to open and close the gates.

Please note: that all rubbish should be taken home with the player/s at the end of their bowling session.

You will all have seen through news over the past few weeks that Covid-19 is an indiscriminate killer!  The safety of everyone in the club must be our first priority and we have to remember that most of us are unfortunately in the category of being described as “vulnerable” until a later date! 

Disclaimer: Please note that Purley Bury Bowling Club has made every effort to comply with the requirements of the Government and Bowls England policies in relation to Covid-19. These strict requirements MUST be followed at all times. Purley Bury Bowling Club will not accept or be held accountable for members that fail to meet the requirements laid down above and contract Covid-19 as a result of those failings.  

Take care, keep safe and enjoy your bowling!

Booking a rink.

Using the URL  will pop up a screen with the BOOK NOW button. Click the button and you will see the option of the 6 rinks.

Selecting a rink will display a small calendar and then by selecting a date from the calendar the available time sessions will display. Select the time you want and then fill in the details required no need to login. Using an email address will enable you to get a reply.

If the time you want is not available then use the page back arrow on the top left and try another rink or another date.

Remember Odd number rinks are morning and even number rinks are afternoon.