Friday Night League

Teams are published as they were drawn. There may be changes in the first few weeks.
There may be changes of team members in the games as they are currently published.
Please advise you team captain of any dates you cannot make.

Please help them by seeing if you can swop dates with another team member, then let the team captain know.

Come and support your team on the night and have a takeway when the game has finished be social and get to know your fellow club members.

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Allen Banks

Joe Cable

Dave Popejoy

Ian Frisby

Alan Bradshaw

Diane Tarran

Kevin McNamee

Sheila Cable

Dave Candeland

Robin Gordon

Richard Greenfield

Pat Jaques

Ray Crosbie

Mike Trendell

Geoff Bell

Graham Paxton

Marc Smith

Sonia Harwood

Tina Harland

Maggie Glover

Len Kelly

Monica Hayes

Di Ralston

Tony Goucher

Ann Allison

Kay Crush

Don Ralston

Thomas Goucher

Barry Nicholson

Janet Nicholls

Gary Wisdom

Gina Evans

El Rhodes



Colin Gray

Ken Breeds












Steve Cooke

Bob Daintree

Robert Brown

Val Hobart

Peter Pickett

Tony Bourne

Roger Tarran

Maureen Atkins

Peter O'Driscoll

Margaret Gordon

M Ann Brown

Alan Bailey

Peter Hunt

Phil Froude

Paul Harland

Stephen Cousins

Jean Murphy

Mo Froude

Ken Harwood

David Crush

Gerry Smith

Carol Searle

Reg Norris

Sylvia Smith

Fanny Smith

Geraldine Tucker

Chris Devitt

Christine Crawley

Alan Franklin

Mavis Haeger

Linda Anthony

Norma Livermore


Sean Dempsey


Vi Breeds