Coronavirus Updates

What’s Happening

Here you can download and read the statements from the various bowling associations regarding actions during the Coronavirus crisis.

New items are marked with an *

Who knows maybe we will get a bit of bowling in before next year!

Association or League

What they have said

Bowls England 14th May (re easing lockdown)

Bowls England Statement

Bowls Surrey (Review of Areas) 14th May

Bowls Surrey Newsletter

Bowls England 7th May (re lockdown)

Bowls England Statement

Bowls Surrey (SCBA and SCWBA) 30th Apr

Bowls Surrey Newsletter

Bowls England 30th Apr

Bowls England Statement

PBBC Coronavirus Letter

PBBC Committee Letter

Bowls England

Bowls England Statement

Bowls England Coronavirus Statement

Coronavirus statement

Bowls England Update

Email from Bowls England

Bowls Surrey (SCBA and SCWBA)

Bowls Surrey Statement

Bowls England Green Maintenance

BE Green Email

Bowls England Financial Advice

BE Financial Email

Bowls Surrey Q&A 2nd Apr


Bowls England Keeping fit and Active*

Some advice to keeping fit

Bowls England Chairs Message 9th April*

From David Tucker


BCBA Statement


2020 Virus email received


Awaited (on the way)

Surrey Past President

Past President letter



Bowlswear Direct

Bowlswear direct