COVID 20 Tournament

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The COVID 20 Tournament

Based on the Cable-Harbord rules.
A mini competition the COVID 20 Tournament Rules.

Entry in pairs and those entries drawn into a number of leagues. The winners will play each other in a semi-final and then a final.

The draw gives us 4 mini leagues of 5 or 6 teams. The winners of each leauge will go forward to play two Semi-Finals and then a final.
The draw is available here.

RULES  (2020)


 Competition to start with the group stages by 10th August to be completed by 7th Sept.
Semi Finals week of Sept 7th, Final on Sunday 13th at 1200 hours.


Members should select their own partners and enter both their names on the entry sheet.


 There is no official challenger, if game not played both teams will be awarded   0 points


 Games will consist of a maximum of three sets of 7.  Trial ends allowed.


Each player will have two bowls.

After tossing a coin for the mat, whoever takes the mat on first end of first set, will go second in the second set. Toss for mat on the third set. (If played)
An extra end will be played should any set be tied at 7 ends to decide set winner.
No-ends, WILL NOT be replayed
, with one shot being awarded to the opposition.      


 Round one will be played in groups as a (round robin). The competition
Organiser will decide (depending on number of entries) how many will qualify for the next stage of the competition.
If there is a points’ tie within a group it will then be down to shot difference & then ends won.


2 points for each set won. (Maximum of 4 points per team)
3 points for game won
0 points for game lost
-3 points for the team deemed to have not played the match.

Therefore 7 points is the maximum a team can score.  (7 – 0 or 7 – 2)


 If a team wins two straight consecutive sets then third set should not be played.


No Substitutes allowed.


 Any other queries will be referred to the Competition Organiser whose decision will be final.


The Organiser for 2020 will be Ian Frisby. The organisers decision is final.