Actions by the Committee

New New Club mobile phone number is
07311 484922
leave a message.

The following actions have been taken by the committee to help with the current finances of the club.



All Club members asked to pay only their membership fee. This in order to maintain the club and be ready to commence after the crisis. No additional amounts.

Great response from members.
Many sent messages of understanding and support.

We hope to be able to play the club competitions in a compressed format for all Full Members if we can get on the green before the "end" of the season.

The Bowling Club Secretary wrote to the landlords Brancaster Grounds Ltd asking for a rent holiday for ALL the clubs.

The landlords agreed to us paying no rent while we were closed.
The Secretary informed the Tennis and Croquet Clubs.

All excess electric has been switched off. Fridges, water heating, urns, bar cooler cabinets, ice making machine, heating, lights etc..

Money saved by not having items running and using electric. Regular meter readings to be taken to confirm.
Freezer in the bar store and the bar store left running.

Applied to the council for a grant as per governments new rules.

Awaiting result

Amended the Biffa refuse contract.

Reduced the payments by half.
Looking for alternative Waste Removal service.
New Quote from Veolia providing a substantial saving.
Contract being changed.

Arranged with the Green Keeper (Keith Driver) to only be available as we require with a one week notice. No cutting required during the non use of the green.

Club members will cut the green on Wednesdays as previously. Only one cut a week until we resume.

Arranged with the cleaner to change routine

Club to be cleaned once a month.

Club insurance policy reviewed.

Switched to alternative Underwriter. Saving over 1000.

The barrels containing beer in the cooler store were emptied. The pipes cleaned and filled with clean water to await the clebration.

The brewery will look to replace the lost quantity of beer.

Applied for Grants from the Croydon Council

Awaiting response

Cancelled the Telephone contract

Saving of 57 per month!