2022 BCBA Entries

New New Club mobile phone number is
07311 484922
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Borough of Croydon Bowling Association
Competitions 2022
Closed 31st December 2021
Please Note: In the case of the Pairs/Triples - please show (*)against contact name

Scratchley Contacts




 Unbadged Pairs





I Frisby

I Frisby


1 C Devitt

1 B Daintree

S Cooke

S Cooke


2 I Frisby*

2 P Jaques

C Gray

D Warrington


1 S Cooke*

3 S Cooke*


P Harland


2 P Jaques

1 D Warrington*

Unbadged Singles

R Crosbie


1 S Dempsey

2 J Cable

G Bird

Colin Gray


2 T Goucher*

3 C Devitt


Carole Gray


1 S Cousins

1 Colin Gray*


G Bird


2 D Warrington*

2 Carole Gray


A Banks


1 J Cable*

3 D Candeland




2 R Crosbie





1 R Gordon*





2 M Gordon





1 A Bradshaw*





2 R Daintree





1 Colin Gray*


CoC Singles

Secretaries  Singles


2 Carole Gray


J Rabson

Bob Daintree


1 A Banks*


MA Brown

Roger Chapman


2 G Bird



Ann M Brown





Carol Searle