ESL Midweek Triples

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The New ESL Mid-Week Triples league.
First year trial as a friendly match basis.

Delegates of the 10 ESL clubs who have indicated that they wish to take part in the trial season 2022 of the ESL MEN’S MIDWEEK TRIPLES LEAGUE.


For the benefit of Officers of the competing clubs a few Rules and Guidelines.

This is a TRIAL season which will be played under normal BOWLS ENGLAND Rules and Regulations with a very limited special ESL deviation to allow a club who on the day finds themselves a player short.

ESL Secretary Dave Popejoy, whose baby this is, suggests that should a player fail to attend, rather than the rink being conceded and 5 players on that rink not getting a game, the rink with 2 players, each have an extra wood but lose 25% of their score. Dave is open to suggestions.

The alternative view is the rink who only have 2 players just forfeit the second playing position with no further penalty.   NB: This may work better if players who do attend only have 3 woods with them.

PLAYING FORMAT:    3 x TRIPLES    (18 ends)   plus Trial ends if required.

LEAGUE POINTS:      2 points available on each rink and 4 for the combined shots overall winner.

It has been agreed that during the 2022 trial season all games will be played in Greys and club shirts, refreshments, if supplied, will be Tea and Biscuits at NO CHARGE, or sales from the Bar.

All other details in arranging a fixture must be by mutual agreement.

All clubs should supply a full list of their agreed ESL Midweek Triples League Fixtures including dates/venues to League Webmaster Alan Huxtable ASAP. Alan will expect clubs to report their full match results within 24 hours of a completed match.

Your feedback and observations during the season will help the ESL Committee formulate the Official Rules for the launch of the league in 2023.

VIC PAINTER Chairman in conjunction with Dave Popejoy ESL Secretary