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New The COVID Final
Won by Roger Chapman and Marc Smith

New OZZIE rules league.
Current situation resolves winners and losers.
Ozzie Rules Results and Leagues

New The day that the rains come down!

Limited Green use.
There are NEW Rules in place please follow them.

Surrey County rules regarding Badge Qualification.

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 Draw the JACK (Details and August Result)

 New A First time Lottery winner

2021 Bowls England Calendar

Changes to the Surrey County Areas for various clubs.
See the numbers used to restructure.

Remembering our members who have recently passed.

What we have done so far to reduce costs.

Get up to date with your own copy of the Lawn Bowls Rules Version 3. Available in PDF format for you to download.

New way for bowlers to bowl who have problems bending down.
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Your Club Needs You
You will have noticed that project work is undertaken by a small number of club members during the closed season. It is therefore suggested that a list of jobs is published to allow individuals to choose a job that could be undertaken at a time that is convenient to volunteer.
The work that has been done on the club during the winter can be seen here. Many thanks to those who have put in the efforts.

Members Guide. Print yourself a copy.

New New Club mobile phone number is
07311 484922
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(Updated 18th Sept 2020)

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An interesting read in regards to Rule changes from the Rule Book 2015.

How do they make a set of bowls?

Looking after the green. How do they do that?
A quick guide to what and how it happens.

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