Your Club Needs You
You will have noticed that project work is undertaken by a small number of club members during the closed season. It is therefore suggested that a list of jobs is published to allow individuals to choose a job that could be undertaken at a time that is convenient to volunteer.

New Cable/Harbord
Notice on the board by the kitchen.
Final will be played 17th September

BCBA semi-finals list.

An interesting read in regards to Rule changes from the Rule Book 2015.

Arrangements are now complete for this year’s tour to Tenby.
Coach will leave the club at 10:00 am PROMPT.

Details of the 2018 Tour are available here.

New 2017 Season match sheets are in the books.
Selected teams sheets are on the board in the Visitors Changing Room and here by clicking on the date of the fixture

New Men’s ESL Top Ten Final won by PBBC

New Ladies into the semi-final stages of the Smiths League.

New Congratulations to the players in the Final stages of the BCBA competitions

Friday Night League
Check out who and where.

Most teams here.

Catering and Bar rotas now available online.
Wednesday green cutting rota.

Selections for the various Mens outside club team matches are on the notice board.
These include the Top Teams, Top Four, Scratchleys etc.

Be sure to check your name off the sheet at the club.

New Would you like to play in the Colin Hibbs this winter?
Notice on the board by the Kitchen. Place your name on the list

Some local residents are raising funds to finance a Judicial Review of the proposed Gypsy and Traveller site at Purley Oaks. You can donate to their legal campaign:

Updated dates for your social diary for 2017

Your online copy of Inside Bowls. Official Magazine of World Bowls.

Updated (14th August 2017)

Join the
urley Bury Lottery
Run by the Alan Wilmot and Ann M Brown details here on the club lottery page

Competition Meals 2017
Helen Trendell will not be providing catering for outside competitions this season.

Social Events
Planned for 2017

Make notes in your diary.

How do they make a set of bowls?

Looking after the green. How do they do that?
A quick guide to what and how it happens.

Using the fixtures lists:-
If the “name” is underlined on the fixtures list then the initial team selection will be available by double clicking that date.

Press the F5 key to refresh the page if the result is not as expected.

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